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Where We Work
Migori’s Location
Located in the former Nyanza Province of southwestern Kenya, Migori county borders Homa Bay to the north, Kisii to the north-east, Narok to the east and south-east, Tanzania to the south and south-west, and Lake Victoria to the west.


Migori’s Industries
Migori is a county with a diverse and beautiful landscape, and with much economical potential, however currently poverty is taking its toll on its residents. Located right in between Tanzania, the Masai Mara and Lake Victoria, the county houses a wide range of industries such as gold mining, sugar cane farming, fishing, and agriculture amongst others.





Migori’s People
Migori County has a population of approximately 917,170 according to the 2009 population census. Migori town is the capital of the county as well as the largest town, with almost 65,515 inhabitants. The county as a whole is considered quite metropolitan with inhabitants including Suba-Luos, Luos, Kuria, Kisiis, Luhya, Somalis and some Indians, Arabs and Nubians. The population density of the county is 353 per square kilometer and approximately 43% of the population live below the poverty line. Age distribution is made up of 0-14 year olds (49%), 15-64 year olds (48%) and over 65 year olds (3%).

Migori’s Education
Migori has one of the highest ratio of under educated over 18’s in Kenya. In fact, only 21% of Migori county residents have secondary level education or above. Further to this, only 62% have primary level of education only.

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