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Rieko Education Program
Rieko Kenya has a strong belief that every person should have a right to education no matter what their sex, color, age or religion. Reiko’s education program goes further than just supporting schools – we aim to provide whole communities with the education to build sustainable futures.

Improve Education in Schools
A number of existing school facilities in Migori’s rural communities are in a pathetic state resulting from in particular government schools being overcrowded and not well maintained. Many families cannot afford to send their children to private schools and therefore, often children are forced to learn under harsh conditions, in many instances outside, under a tree, despite the weather. Further to this, often teaching materials are not available and sometimes even the qualified personnel to teach. 


Rieko uses its Education Volunteer Program and Education Internship as a means of improving the state of education in schools in Migori county. Volunteers and interns have the opportunity to assist in teaching or provide guidance to the current staff on how to impact the lives of Kenya’s youngest. The interns and volunteers are encouraged to form and strengthen school based clubs that provide education on health, the environment, leadership and enterprise, marking a basis for sustainable futures.

Improve Adult Education
Poverty has played a large part in the level of education amongst adults in Kenya being much lower than other countries. It is not only basic skills in literacy and numeracy that they lack, but some also in skills in business development, marketing, management and entrepreneurship. Rieko aims to empower under-educated adults with the needed skills to see them create better futures for themselves. Through peer-to-peer education and adult education volunteer schemes, Rieko really wishes to better the level of education and skills in under-privileged adults in Kenya.  


Building & Fixing Schools
Rieko Kenya is committed to supporting school infrastructural establishment and sustainability. Every child should be able to learn in a clean, safe and sheltered environment. Far too often schools have been found in significant disrepair. Schools are assessed against their suitability for learning, and any deemed grossly unacceptable are noted for Rieko’s school construction volunteering program. 

Health Education
Educating children about their health at an early age is the best in way in which to ensure that they have healthy futures. In order to build sustainability in health, continuous health education should be present throughout their lives to make an impact. Rieko partners with a number of organizations, local and international, in order to ensure that both children and adults within schools and the communities, are educated about a variety of health issues. 

Working in such supportive partnerships creates a rewarding experience that leaves all members feeling empowered and inspired to make a difference. Rieko believes that “you need to be the change you want to see in the world” and together with our partners, we fully embody this motto. The time for action is now!

Environmental Education
Education about health for a sustainable future would not be relevant if we did not also educate the communities about the environment. The world has neglected the environment for too long, bringing issues such as global warming and climate change, contaminated water sources, deforestation, over-farming and land pollution. With our partners, volunteers and interns, Rieko has managed to educate small pockets of communities throughout Migori county. We still however need your help in order to make more of an impact. Check out our volunteering and interning programs for further details.

Edward Kabaka Ochenge
Country Director, Rieko Kenya.
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