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Environmental Volunteering
Environmental issues normally take a backseat in the third world, however Rieko wants to change this! Preserving the environment is necessary for improved quality of life and can even contribute to economic and social development given the chance. Rieko has many environmental volunteering placements available for you! Whether you’re into cleaning up the community and promoting recycling, or water sanitation or even planting trees, we have the project for you.

What will I be doing?
Kenya as a nation is vastly behind in environmental issues and requires your help. Whether you’re a student and are looking for an interactive project to be part of, or if you have a passion for the environment in general, by volunteering in Kenya, you will be part of changing its future!

Rieko’s focuses on a number of areas as part of its environmental volunteering program which include the following:


Where will I volunteer?
Rieko’s environmental volunteering programs will be taking place in Migori county, western Kenya. Migori is well-known for its natural beauty, bordering the Masaai Mara, Tanzania and Lake Victoria. The scope for environmental work in Migori is huge and the location of where you will be based will depend on the type of project you choose. Find more details about project locations after choosing the type of environmental volunteering program you wish to go on.

How long will the placement take?
Environmental volunteering placements with Rieko in Kenya depend on the project that you choose to do. Follow the links above to the specific program to find out the suggested duration of project. 

Who can apply?
Anyone! This is the beauty of the environmental volunteering in Kenya programme. As long as you’re aged over 18 years and have a keen passion to help a community meet environmental goals, we will welcome you onto Rieko’s environmental volunteer programme.

What’s next?
Click on the links below to find out about the specific environmental volunteering program:

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