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Agriculture Volunteering

Help Kenyans grow their way out of poverty! Looking for volunteer programs that offers sustainable solutions to get out of poverty? Then the Rieko agriculture volunteer programsare for you! Bring long-term and sustainable solutions to the poorest Kenyans by educating communities and showing them how to grow their own food and enough to sell as well.   

What will I be doing?
Rieko offers a comprehensive volunteer programs which not only offers a unique eco-tourism vacation, but benefit the community through your actions. Choose to be a farming volunteer either with a school or out in the community, or alternatively plant trees to better the environment – the choice is yours. Follow the links for more information. 

How long will the placement take?
Agriculture volunteering placements with Rieko in Kenya depend on the project that you choose to do. Follow the links above to the specific program to find out the suggested duration of project. 

Who can apply?
Anyone can apply for our agriculture volunteering programs, providing that you are aged over 18 years and have an interest in helping a community access sustainable food sources. Any experience in farming and agriculture will be hugely beneficial. We also ask that you are somewhat physically fit as there will be a lot of outdoor work involved.

What’s next?
Click on the links above to find out more about the specific agriculture volunteering programs that we have on offer.

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