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Clean Up Kenya
It’s sad to see so many beautiful areas of Kenya covered in rubbish/trash due to lack of education on environmental matters. Landfills are the norm, recycling barely exists. Why? Come and help educate the nation to clear up Kenya!

What will I be doing?
Rieko’s clean and recycle volunteering program in Kenya is an ecotourism way in which to explore Africa. We all know back at home how important is to recycle and live in a clean environment, however here in Kenya, people are yet to see the positive impacts. The scope for environmental education is huge and therefore this is why this program allows you free reign to make whichever impact you see fit. Research and design your own campaign, and then deliver it to the local community. Rieko staff and local community health workers will be on hand to assist; however, the leadership of the program is down to you!   

Examples of lessons that you would be able to teach the local communities include:

  • Rubbish in the lake –plastic/polythene bags ending up in the lake will kill off the fish
  • Fly tipping & rubbish dumping attracting rats and vermin
  • Recycling plastic, paper, glass will not only preserve the environment, but will reduce consumer costs in the future
  • Making compost heaps out of food waste is great for agriculture

Depending on the environmental aspect you wish to focus on, with dictate other factors such as location and duration. All of our recycle and clean volunteering programs are interactive with the community, so prepare yourself to lead by example, and make a huge environmental impact in Kenya.

Where will I volunteer?
Rieko’s Clean Up Kenya volunteering programs will be taking place in Migori county, western Kenya. Migori is well-known for its natural beauty, bordering the Masaai Mara, Tanzania and Lake Victoria. The scope for environmental work in Migori is huge and the location of where you will be based will depend on the size of the project you want to volunteer on, and the length of time you have.

Options include working within Migori town, along the riverside, or in the markets, or alternatively in the rural villages, along the beaches, near the gold mines, or directly within the communities. Contact the Rieko team for more details on specific locations. 

How long will the placement take?
The duration of the Clean Up Kenya volunteering program is entirely up to you. Once you have decided your focus, this will dictate the timeframe in which your program can be delivered. Rieko suggests that a minimum of 1 month will make a significant enough impact in your chosen environmental field.

Where will I stay?
Rieko environmental volunteers have a number of options when it comes to accommodation in Kenya. Choose between 1) host family, 2) shared volunteer house, or 3) hotel/B&B accommodation. Accommodation with a host family or in a shared volunteer house is most likely to provide you with an authentic Kenyan experience, and provides the smallest environmental footprint. However, we are able to book you a hotel if you wish, and a good option if located nearer to a town. Whatever your preference, we will ensure that you are safe, well fed and having the best Kenyan volunteering experience possible.

Who can apply?
Rieko Kenya are looking for volunteers who have a passion for the environment; ecowarriors, environmentalists, ecologists, conservationists or green-fingered individuals. For our recycle and cleaning volunteering programs, there is no prerequisite for minimum education level. All we ask is that participants are over the age of 18 years and have a passion for the environment. 

What’s next?
Fill in our online contact form with the details of the dates and program you wish to do, and we’re reply with the rest.


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