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HIV/AIDS in Kenya
Migori county, located in south-western Kenya is a county with significant issue when it comes to healthcare and in particular HIV/AIDS. Currently Migori county is the second most affected county in the whole of Kenya in terms of HIV transmissions with an average of 19% living with this condition.

HIV/AIDS has devastated families and communities as they struggle to cope with the impact of the illness and its increased mortality. Recognizing the magnitude of the HIV/AIDS problem, Rieko Kenya is working to reduce the spread, and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS in the most prominent districts. 

HIV management
Rieko Kenya emphasizes on building a network of partners, and community health workers as a foundation for increasing access to comprehensive and integrated HIV/AIDS services to the target population. The model seeks to tap into, and build upon services already being provided, through a network of family, community and faith based organizations as well as including the expertise of private and public sector organizations. Through mobilization, capacity building and technical assistance, Rieko Kenya is supporting the delivery of comprehensive HIV/AIDS services.


HIV Testing & Counselling
“Know your status!” is a message that Rieko wants to emanate through every community within Kenya. Every person should not only have access to voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) services, but they should have been educated and informed on the impacts of unsafe sex. Previous Rieko health volunteers have organised HIV/AIDS events and awareness days which have been hugely successful in sending out the “know your status” message to people of all ages.    

HIV Education
Working with a number of partners, Rieko provides school educational visits, community talks as well as facility-based educational talks as a means of HIV education. Community health workers are regularly trained in new educational initiatives to distribute messages of safe sex, “know your status” and other related topics. Working with different community groups, the focus is the same: prevention is best, as there is no cure!


Rieko HIV/AIDS Programs
As a health volunteer or on a health internship, Rieko will provide the opportunity to work either within a health facility or within the community to educate and work with persons living with HIV/AIDS, or to provide further HIV/AIDS prevention awareness. Rieko’s programs will allow you to have such a rewarding experience where you will able to see first-hand the difference you can make to Kenyan’s lives. Those who are not able to come out and assist with the programs themselves are able to donate to Rieko’s HIV/AIDS prevention program in Kenya. Together we will combat this!

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