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Medical Internship
Make a real difference in healthcare in Kenya through Rieko’s medical internship! Use and develop your medical training and knowledge whilst helping real people in need. Rieko are offering students the opportunity to donate their skills whilst gaining hands-on experience in a variety of setups.

What will I be doing?
To start off with, health interns will be shadowing Kenyan medics in order to grasp national medical procedures and protocols. All interns will then go on to generally assist/support the doctor, dentist, nurse or clinician in their normal routine of medical work which may include the following:

  • Taking vital signs
  • Dressing wounds
  • Taking patient history
  • Counselling patients
  • Providing assurance and moral support to patients/family
  • Administering vaccinations/injections
  • Drawing blood
  • Dispensing medicines
  • Other ad hoc duties

Where will I volunteer?
All of our medical intern programs take place in Migori county in south-western Kenya; a county with vast variations in landscape and beauty, but with very basic levels in healthcare. Many rural communities in Migori continue to believe in witchcraft, wizards and herbal remedies, and others believing that you will only be cured with an injection. Considering the challenging environment that medical interns will have to work in, you will get the most hands on experience possible doing your internship in Migori.

How long will the placement take?
Medical internships with Rieko can take place for either 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, depending on your course guidelines. Contact us today to advise us of the requirements from your course and how we can best cater to your needs.

Where will I stay?
Depending on your project location, will depend on the accommodation available. For example, intern placements within Migori town will provide accommodation in either hotel or homestay lodging (depending on your budget). Rural placements will be restricted to either volunteer housing or homestays. All of our accommodations are situated close to the intern sites, clean and safe.  

Who can apply?
Any student studying a medical related course, whether Kenyan or international will be able to apply for our health internship. The more experience you have, the more in depth your internship can go. Please note that all international students will be required to apply for a work permit for Kenya before entering Kenya.

What’s next?
Contact our team today to advise us of your proposed internship dates and medical field you would like to intern in. We look forward to having you on the Rieko medical internship program.



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