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Rieko Sponsorship Program
Rieko would not be able to provide the opportunities it does for local Kenyan communities if it wasn’t for the generosity of people on our sponsorship program. Those who are unable to volunteer or intern on our projects themselves, have the opportunity to make a difference through a number of sponsorship opportunities. Whether it be a child’s education, a widower’s medical bill, some medical equipment, a classroom, a school or a medical facility –be part of the transformation! 

Sponsor a Child
Invest in a child’s future through Rieko’s sponsor a child scheme. Many adults in Kenya are illiterate due to lacking school fees growing up. For as little as USD $20 per month, you could be putting a primary school child through education in Migori. Help make a difference and sponsor a Kenyan child’s education with Rieko. Contact us for more details. 

Sponsor Healthcare
Despite the Government offering free healthcare in Kenya, most often than not, drugs and lab tests are out of stock meaning that patients have to venture to other facilities to receive treatment.  Rieko partners with other NGO’s which deliver reliable healthcare at reasonable prices. It is therefore that we are able to offer sustainable and cost-effective health sponsorship schemes. For example, USD$10 can pay for 10 children’s malaria treatment, USD $20 can pay for 10 widows to receive much needed healthcare, and USD $4 can pay for a child with sickle cell to receive medication each month. Your sponsorship could really change lives in Kenya. Contact us for more details

Sponsor A Project
Promoting sustainable health, education and environments in Kenya, Rieko has a number of projects you can be part of without necessarily being on the ground. Sponsor a School construction or house construction project, and watch how the locals and available volunteers build on your behalf. Alternatively, you can sponsor a medical facility, a health initiative, a team of community health workers, a forest, a tidy-up campaign, a school garden as well as many other initiatives through Rieko. Contact Rieko today to discuss what your pocket will allow.    

Edward Kabaka Ochenge
Country Director, Rieko Kenya.
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