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Kenya Medical Volunteers
Make a real difference in Kenya through the use of your medical training and knowledge whilst helping people in real need. Not only will you be making a real difference to people that need it, but you’ll be able to develop your medical skills in the process.

What will I be doing?
Rieko offers a range of medical volunteer in Kenya programs which include facility based medical volunteering, school based medical volunteering or community based medical volunteering. Each of the programs aim to expand upon your medical knowledge, providing a complete overview of the state of healthcare in Africa. Click on the links to find out more about each volunteering program.

Where will I volunteer?
All of our medical volunteer programs take place in Migori county in Western Kenya; a county with vast variations in landscape and beauty. A common theme around the whole county is that there is huge lack of healthcare. You will find that many communities living in the rural areas continue to believe in witchcraft, wizards and herbal remedies, with others believing that you will only be cured with an injection. A common theme is that there is lack of health education across the county and Rieko hopes that the medical volunteer program in Kenya will change this.


How long will the placement take?
The durations of the medical volunteer programs are ultimately up to you. With a minimum of 3 weeks and maximum of 12 months, you are really able to make an impact to the healthcare of a Kenyan community in the timeframe that you can manage. Visit the program pages for more details on program duration guidelines. 

Who can apply?
Rieko has the most rewarding medical volunteering placements in Kenya. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life, from college students to medical professionals, with opportunities for medical, dental, nursing, and pre-med candidates. Click on the different programs for further details on volunteer criteria.

What’s next?
Click on the following links to find out more information about each of our programs:

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