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Tree Planting in Kenya

Looking for a way in which to help an African community better their environment? Then come and create a forest in Kenya! With a vision of a greener Kenya, Rieko has a number of tree planting volunteer programs available for you!

What will I be doing?
Rieko’s tree planting volunteer program involves identifying areas in Kenya that are lacking forest land, and then working with the local community to plant trees for both environmental and for profit making reasons. All trees that are planted are native to Migori county, and will be carefully planted and managed to live its natural lifespan. Each tree planted helps to offset environmental impacts by breathing in CO²as it grows. Everyone in the community is sure to benefit.


Where will I volunteer?
Our tree planting volunteer programs all take place in Migori county. Migori county is known for its diverse and beautiful landscape; bordering the Masaai Mara game reserve, Tanzania and the 2nd largest lake in the World. There are many locations that you can choose to situate your tree planting, such as by the lake (Muhuru Bay), near to the gold mines of Macalder, or close to the mass sugar fields of Awendo. 

Depending on your location interest will determine to which area you are sent to volunteer at. We can guarantee that wherever you volunteer, you will have an unforgettable experience! Contact our team today to discuss which location would suit you best!


How long will the placement take?
The duration of the tree planting volunteering program is entirely up to you. Once you have decided on your location, this will dictate the timeframe in which your program can be delivered. Rieko suggests that a minimum of 1 month will make a significant enough impact in this type of environmental program.

Where will I stay?
Rieko tree planting volunteers have a number of options when it comes to accommodation in Kenya. Choose between 1) host family, 2) shared volunteer house, or 3) hotel/B&B accommodation. Accommodation with a host family or in a shared volunteer house is most likely to provide you with an authentic Kenyan experience, however hotels are a good option if looking to have home comforts after planting trees all day. Our Riekoteam will discuss these with you after choosing the best programme for you.


Who can apply?
Anyone can apply for our tree planting volunteering program, providing that you are aged over 18 years and have an interest
in theenvironment. We also ask that you are somewhat physically
fit as there may be a lot of walking involved depending on which
program you choose to do.

What’s next?
Fill in our online contact form with the details of the dates and program you wish to do, and we’re reply with the rest.


Edward Kabaka Ochenge
Country Director, Rieko Kenya.
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