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Educational Internship
Flying across the world to get credit for your course practicum is possibly the best way to learn about yourself as a future educator. In addition, this opportunity will broaden your mind into how the education system works in other areas of the world.

What will I be doing?
Join the educators in Migori county, teaching any subject that you specialize in. Share your knowledge to staff, teachers and students through Rieko Kenya. Depending on your teaching specialization and/or subject preference, you will be given the opportunity to teach in local primary and/or secondary schools. You will be responsible for using knowledge gained in your course to date to:

  • Prepare lesson plans
  • Teach large classes
  • Teach private classes
  • Interact with students
  • Organise extracurricular activities
  • Work with existing staff to improve upon teaching methods & strategies

Where will I volunteer?
There is an option to work in multiple schools in the communities of Migori county. There are hundreds of schools in MigoriCountythat would benefit from your expertise. It is completely up to you as an intern to pick a school or several schools. Current locations of these schools include Mikei Village, Muhuru Bay and Migori town.

How long will the placement take?
This is dependent on your personal resources and your course requirements back at your home institution. This internship placement can range from 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Expect to start in January, April or September.

Where will I stay?
Our interns will be housed in home stay accommodation or volunteer housing. The location is dependent on what school/schools you will be teaching at. Rieko Kenya has its main volunteer housing in Mikei Village which is a twenty-minute drive from Migori Town. We also have home-stays and staff housing in Muhuru Bay overlooking the famous Lake Victoria. All accommodation is private and secure. 


Who can apply?
If you are currently studying education at a post-secondary institution either locally in Kenya or abroad, this program is for you! If you have a passion for travelling, people and learning you will love this internship.

What’s next?
Contact our team today to get this quick process started!


Edward Kabaka Ochenge
Country Director, Rieko Kenya.
Tel.+ 254 729 864 061
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