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Teaching Placements in Kenya

Want to make a difference in education in Kenya?

Then come and be a Kenyan education volunteer! Whether its volunteering in a school, or teaching adults in a variety of skills, we have the volunteer placement for you!

All of our Kenyan education volunteer placements take place mostly in rural settings. We believe at Rieko that if you’re going to experience true Kenya, you need to get out of the city! Prepare yourself for staying in a rural homestead, sampling the local foods, and making a difference in Africa by volunteering in a school or within the local community.

What will I be doing?
Rieko is looking for inspirational volunteers to come and educate Kenya’s nation. In Kenya’s rural villages, the standard of education is poor with21% of adults having finished secondary education. In fact, many rural schools do not even have trained teachers. We are looking for education volunteers seeking teaching placements in Kenya, who can make an impact to education levels. Currently we have three types of programs:

Where will I volunteer?
Teaching placements in Kenya take place in Migori county. Depending on the project you choose to do, volunteer locations range from villages around Lake Victoria to Macalder’s gold mining region. Rieko’s projects tend to be located in most rural Kenya to provide you with the most authentic experience possible. 

How long will the placement take?
The length of the teaching placements will depend on the type of program chosen. For example, teaching in schools is normally done in term time and for up to 3 months at a time. Adult education can take place for any duration however we suggest placements of 3 months to really benefit the community. School constructions can take place of a minimum of 1 month in order to see the build through to completion.

Who can apply?
Rieko provides immersive volunteer opportunities for professionals from all walks of life. To be a teaching volunteer, you don’t necessarily need to have a teaching background, however a keen interest and/or experience in public speaking or communication will be advantageous to your placement.  

What’s next?
Click on the following links to find out more information about each of our programs:



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