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School Health Volunteer
Rieko’s school health volunteer program in Kenya combines working with children and healthcare education all in one! Use your medical training and knowledge to make a real difference to children as young as 5 years old. Come and screen children for tropical diseases, malnutrition and bad personal hygiene. Show them good practice, teach them how to be safe, educate them about healthcare whilst having the greatest experience of your life in Africa!

What will I be doing?
Who said that health volunteering had to be facility based? We at Rieko believe that you start from the bottomand work your way up. This means educating the community from the youngest age possible with the intention that healthcare will be maintained and improved over the years.

As a school health volunteer you will be working with the very people that can change the state of healthcare in Kenya. Educate and work with children to make a difference to their family lives. Whether it be nutritional testing, teaching them how to brush their teeth or wash their hands properly, or providing overall medicalcheck-ups, you are sure to make a difference to their and their families well being.

Child health volunteering programs include working with children from a disadvantaged background, orphaned, or with disabilities. We even have programs that concentrate on children with long-term diseases such as HIV and sickle cell. After your initial orientation, your placement will include visiting the school/s each day, working with the children, and then identifying how healthcare improves due to your placement. You decide the focus and let Rieko organise your volunteer placement.

Where will I volunteer?
Our children’s health volunteer programs all take place in Migori county. Migori county is known for its diverse landscape; bordering the Masaai Mara game reserve, Tanzania and the 2nd largest lake in the World, your school health volunteer program location may either be surrounded by sugar cane fields, overlooking the fishermen on Lake Victoria or completely interior surrounded by agriculture as their source of income. You can choose to volunteer with a particular type of school such as orphaned children, children with disabilities, children with long-term illnesses or from a grossly disadvantaged area. Depending on your particular interests and experience, will determine to which area you are sent to volunteer at. We can guarantee that wherever you volunteer, you will have an unforgettable experience! Contact our team today to discuss which location would suit you best!

How long will the placement take?
Rieko’s school health volunteer in Kenya programs are normally done in term time and for up to 3 months at a time. Feel free to visit all year round, however to get the best out of your health placement, prepare yourself to start in either January, May or September. Some of our schools offer 1 year placements, giving you the opportunity to travel around Kenya out of term time, or visit other medical institutions. Other schools are more suitable for short-term volunteers offering placements for as short as 3 weeks. Contact our team today to discuss your school health volunteer program needs.

Where will I stay?
Rieko school health volunteers have a number of options when it comes to accommodation in Kenya. Choose between 1) host family, 2) shared volunteer house, or 3) hotel/B&B accommodation. Accommodation with a host family or in a shared volunteer house is most likely to provide you with an authentic Kenyan experience, however hotels are a good option if looking to venture into the bigger towns for larger school health programs. Our Rieko team will discuss these with you after choosing the best school health volunteer program for you.

Who can apply?
Rieko has the most rewarding medical volunteering placements in Kenya. For our school health volunteer program, we welcome volunteers from all walks of life, from college students to medical professionals, with opportunities for medical, dental, nursing, and pre-med candidates. The more experience you have in the sector, the more intense you are able to get with your chosen program. Talk with one of the Rieko team today to see which projects would suit you best. We look forward to having you out here with us in Kenya! 

What’s next?
Fill in our online contact form with the details of the dates and program you wish to do, and we’re reply with the rest. We’re looking forward to having you volunteer in children’s health in Africa on one of our programs!

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