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Rieko Environmental Program
The natural environment plays a big role on the health and welfare of people, as a source of income and food. The rural poor communities entirely depend on the land to provide them with enough food to feed their families throughout the year and enough money so that they can afford medical care, clothing and shelter. Some human activities have overstretched the ability of the environment to host future generations sustainably and therefore Rieko is here to change that!

Clean Up Kenya
Lack of education regarding respect for the environment has left Kenya living in a complete land fill site. Most people don’t even know the meaning of recycle let alone know how it can be done. For far too long Kenyan’s have been using the method of “burn or bury” for disposing of waste. This in turn has created multitudes of landfills, fly-tipping sites and eyesores around towns and villages in Kenya. Not only inland, by the riversides and lake beaches are washing up tons of rubbish every day. An issue that is not only detrimental to the surrounding wildlife, but people’s health as well.

Rieko wants to make a huge impact in improving the environment through its Clean Up Kenya volunteering program. A mixture of education and manual work to really change the appearance, health and ecosystem of Kenya. 

Rieko helps small holder farmers increase agricultural production and value chain for their products. Rieko has a passion for assisting women and believes that focus on food security must invest on women’s assets to strengthen their capacity to produce. Rieko is determined not stop unless enough and the right food is available on the table for all. With the assistance of partners, Rieko demonstrates how, in an intensively managed backyard/kitchen garden, families can produce high- value nutritious fruits, grains and vegetables. Rieko’s environmental program goes hand in hand with our agriculture program in Kenya.

Water Sterilisation
Many of us take clean running water from a tap for granted. Imagine if your only source of water was 5km away on foot, where you would be fetching from the same place where children were washing themselves, the women washing their pots and pans, and the livestock taking their daily drink. That very same water is the water that you

would have to drink. It’s no wonder that so many people get sick in Kenya, with typhoid and cholera rampant.

Rieko believe that water is life! And it is our vision to help all Kenyan’s get safer access to clean drinking water. Previous projects have included creating boreholes with hand pumps for local communities, fixing gutters on schools and churches to capture water, and providing water tanks to schools, churches and communities for safer water access. We have only just started our vision, now help us continue! Check out our water sterilisation volunteering program to see how you can help.

Tree planting in Kenya
Rieko Kenya supports the establishment of tree nurseries, tree planting and community environmental education to replenish deforested lands and establish permanent ecosystems. Educating school children and local communities, Rieko teaches people how important trees are in making our air cleaner, as well providing a source for profit. Areas around Migori county are identified as suitable for a forest and the community is engaged to be responsible for the planting alongside our volunteers. Check out our tree planting volunteering program to see how you can help.

School Farming
Rieko Kenya is facilitating environmental education, conservation and protection in schools. The only hope of salvaging the degraded environment is by makingthe young aware that they need to proactively begin to protect the environment they will inherit. Rieko holds annual environmental dayswhere pupils and teachers with innovative and creative environmental practices are awarded during this special day. Check out our school farming volunteering program to see how you can help.

Volunteer & Internships in Kenya
What better way than to assist the local communities than with either environmental volunteering project or doing our environment internship in Kenya with Rieko. We have a number of programs to choose from whether its cleaning up and recycling, water sterilization, creating forests or school farming gardens. Find out more on how you can get involved here.

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