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Rieko Food Security Program
Kenya is a low-income country with a significant food deficit. Not only is there not enough food to go around due to poverty and harsh environments, but due to lack of knowledge and education in agriculture, rising population and global warming. More than 75% of Kenyans currently make some part of their living in agriculture, however as agriculture productivity is stagnating, Kenya’s population is growing. Most farmers work with outdated and very basic methods, with most of the manual work being done by hand or using animals.  

Other factors which contribute to food deficit include droughts, floods, and health outbreaks such as cholera which prevent families, communities and even whole counties from working in agriculture successfully, meaning shortages of food.

Agriculture Education
Rieko’s food security programs focus on education to a wide range of people of all ages and in various communities. Small holder farmers are taught on how to increase agricultural production and value chain for their products. School children are taught about balanced diets and how to ensure that every household can accomplish this as well growing their own fruit and vegetables.

Rieko Kenya has a passion for empowering women and believes that the focus on food security must invest equitably on women’s assets and strengthen their capacity to produce. Rieko educate women that they shouldnot stop not unless enough of and the right food is available on the table for all by demonstrating how, in an intensively managed backyard/kitchen garden, families can produce high- value nutritious fruits, grains and vegetables.


Nutritional Programs
Working with various partners, Rieko has a variety of programs that involve working with schools and the community to identify children and vulnerable people who are malnourished and/or sick. The programs follow these cases, noting improvements and/or deterioration, seeking medical and/or nutritional assistance if required. 

Sustainable Food Security
Rieko Kenya is piloting the use of Asset Based Community Driven Development (ABCD) in its programs; a practice widely researched, reinvented and deepened by Coady International Institute at St. Francis Xavier University- Canada. Rieko Kenya’s response to socio-economic and livelihood challenges in Kenya is to facilitate a social change where citizens mobilize and organize their own assets to break the cycle of poverty and live sustainably, empowering communities to use what they have to secure what they have not.

Edward Kabaka Ochenge
Country Director, Rieko Kenya.
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